Profile on the NBA's current Climate

One of the fastest growing sports in the world today is basketball, and especially in the NBA. With the continued growth of the international team the Toronto Raptors, the rise of famous players such as Steph Curry, and just how easy it has become for people to play the game, it is no wonder that the NBA is such a growing sport.

It is amazing to think that basketball has grown into this popular sport. This is scene especially through celebrity culture and how they have embraced the sport of basketball. When celebrities are involved in it, it is easy to see why this sport has grown so quickly. I personally love basketball, I think it has everything that all the other popular sports have, and throw it in a blender and really allow it to grow. This can seen in that it has the strategy of American Football, has the speed of hockey, and the teamwork of soccer. This is why it is the beautiful game, oh... and there is scoring. That is very important, there is constantly scoring. I hate the argument that the potential to score is what makes hockey exciting... I disagree. The potential to score at any time is what makes basketball exciting, that on any play a basket can be scored.

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